Enriching young lives, cultivating community, with theatre as the means and Shakespeare the inspiration.

Community Shakespeare Company breaks new ground. Its mission is to enrich young lives and cultivate community. CSC's unique adaptations enchant and engage young actors from 3rd grade up. The productions motivate community, parents, mentors and artists to support and encourage youth. The result is a dynamic model that can be replicated in schools, organizations, clubs and communities nationwide.

Across the country and around the world, CSC scripts are being used by educators to introduce their students to Shakespeare, and even to the English language! Read what others have to say about the most user-friendly adaptations on the market, for students from elementary to high school. (What people say   What kids say)

"We are indeed blessed to have Community Shakespeare in our midst."
- Kenneth W. Jenks, Director Emeritus, U. of Utah Playwriting Program

"The production was superb; the acting as professional as any I have seen at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.
- Donn Charnley, Professor Emeritus, Shoreline Community College; Lecturer Emeritus, University of Washington

Susan Wilson - late Co-founder of Community Shakespeare 


Compleat Works Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)

Twelfth Night script is now available! CSC Scripts are now available online.


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"Regarding how we found your scripts, we needed an easier to understand version of the MSND script and yours was the best at staying with the original intent without being laborious. Nicely done!"
"I really appreciate your help, thank you! "
"The show was wonderful! Your scripts really helped us put on a quality production!"
"Richard, it has been a pleasure doing business with you! Thank You / Regards"
-- Leo Goode, Friends of the Arts - Saipan

"In Richard Carter's adaptation of "As You Like It" the integrity of the original play is maintained while the story is made accessible to audiences.  My young actors appreciated Carter's easier-to-memorize rhymed verse and the abbreviated scenes and contemporary humor appealed to the kids in the crowd.  It is the perfect way to get "turned on" to Shakespeare."
-- Marla Truini, Director of Drama and Outreach, Middlebury CT

"Thank you Richard. You and your company are an inspiration to me. I am simply in awe that you could write such interactive and enjoyable scripts. I haven't exactly decided when my next play will be, but this much I do know - there WILL be a next play Thank you for spreading the light of Shakespeare. Please know that it now burns in Kingston, Jamaica!"
-- Angel Beswick, Kingston, Jamaica

"Our Class enjoyed using your adaptation of Shakespeare's 'A Comedy of Errors!' It was especially enjoyable for our audiences of over 500 young people. What an accomplishment to be able to say my students have performed and understood one of Shakespeare's comedies. Thank you for the opportunity to present a fun and 'adolescent friendly' version of 'A Comedy of Errors!' "
-- M.J. Grazioli, 8th grade teacher, Vienna, VA

"Using Richard Carter's adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream was brilliant!  The adapted version brings the script to a manageable time length which was important for maintaining focus with my grades 1,2,3 students.  More importantly though, Carter's adaptation keeps the essence of the play and the beauty of the poetry all the while making it accessible to elementary students.  The insertion of a few contemporary phrases and references also increased the relevance for my students ... and added extra humour!"
-- Sue Belliveau, Maple Grove Elementary, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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